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Why refinance your auto loan? 

Why refinance your auto loan?   It’s no secret that car loans are a financial burden. As of 2021, the average American household owes more than $17,000 in car debt.   Fortunately, many lenders offer car owners the opportunity to refinance their loans. Here’s why refinancing your auto loan might be right for you.  …

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5 Steps to Prepare for Retirement


Regardless of age, retirement planning is an essential part of preparing for the future. To set yourself up for a stress-free retirement, follow these 5 simple steps. Learn how to save   The first step to achieving any financial goal is to learn strong saving habits.   Start by mapping out where your money goes…

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Understanding an Interim Construction Loan

Construction loan

What is an interim construction loan?  For many Americans, designing and building their own home is a long-time dream. For this dream to become a reality, however, you’ll likely need an interim construction loan. Unlike a traditional mortgage, an interim construction loan is a short-term loan that lasts only as long as it takes to…

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Best Financial Tips for Traveling


Many people spend months planning their trip but put little effort into preparing financially. This is a mistake. Without the proper knowledge and preparation, travel can put a heavy strain on your finances. Follow these simple financial tips, and you’ll be more financially prepared than most travelers.   Don’t use debit cards when traveling  Debit…

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What needs a Little Fixin’ Up at Your Place?

Many of us have been spending more time than usual at home this year.   Whether you’re working from home, had some time off due to COVID-19, or just are staying home to stay safe, that increased time around the house probably has you thinking that you wouldn’t mind improving a few things.   You…

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3 Reasons to Buy Your New Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our nation, and the world. Nobody’s happy this has happened, and we’ll all be glad when it’s over and dealt with. But there are actually some benefits to buying your new home right now, during the crisis.   Less Competition to Buy   Because of the pandemic, many people…

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Common Online Scams to Avoid

We now live in a digital age where most of our transactions and activities are done online. COVID-19 has driven us to do this even moreso! With so much of our society being driven online, it’s important to be aware of common online scams that try to get your personal information. Here are a few…

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How To Determine Your Loan Amount 

If you are looking into loans or have made the decision to take out a personal loan, you might be thinking “How much money can I take out?” Typically, determining the amount of a loan will depend on your goals, your lender, and your budget. Deciding to take out a personal loan is an important…

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Back the Teacher School Supply Drive

BACK THE TEACHER Donation Collections: July 6 – July 31 It’s that time of year when United Credit Union invites our members and the community to join us in supporting our teachers. Help us to bless teachers and in turn students by donating items or cash which will be used to purchase items and gifts…

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