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We’ve Got Your Back: The Skip A Payment Program

Here at United Credit Union, our goal is to help you succeed financially. One way we hope to accomplish this is with our Skip A Payment option for loans. With the impact of COVID-19 on personal finances, and the approaching summer months, we understand you might need a little more time to make a payment. Whether you find yourself facing financial need for a special event like vacation, everyday expenses, medical expenses, or any other expense, we know that sometimes you might just need to use your funds for something other than your loan payment. That’s why we are proud to offer the Skip A Payment program to our members.

This is a low-stakes, valuable option for postponing a payment on a personal loan or auto loan so that you have the flexibility to take care of your personal needs.  We are dedicated to helping you financially navigate with flexible options and loan assistance.

Please give us a call at 903-595-3604 to learn more and to find out if your loan qualifies for the Skip A Payment option; we can discuss available solutions for your financial needs.
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