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Why Finance Your Summer Vacation

Summertime is coming up quickly and one of the best ways to enjoy the warm, sunny days of summer is with a family vacation. However, the average family spends around $600 on just a short weekend trip and around $2,000 on a week-long vacation, so it might be easier to finance a big expense like that with a personal loan than it would be to pay for it all upfront!  
A great option for an expense like this would be to take out a small personal loan.
The best way to go about this is to borrow from a trusted lender like United Credit Union so that we can get you the best deal at the best rate.
Before you are approved for financing, you should explore all of your loan options with one of our in-house experts,
and a few different factors have to be considered. A personal loan can range widely in how much you can borrow, and the interest rate is dependent on your credit history, income, and a few other criteria.  
The benefits of personal loans are:
  • Flexible payment options to fit your monthly budget
  • A lower interest rate than a credit card
  • A wide variety of interest rates and borrowing amounts
  • Greater funding toward an ultimate experience, like all-inclusive or a cruise
  The more well-qualified you are to borrow (in relation to your credit, etc.), the better interest rate you can get on a personal loan, which saves you even more money!
Personal loans are a flexible, low-cost borrowing option for funding your next family vacation.
We’d love to help you take the family vacation of your dreams this summer, so please contact us for more information at https://www.unitedcu.coop/borrow/personal-loans/.
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